The CP English Project

More Activities

  1. Welcome-Listen to a welcome message from a teacher in the CP Program to practice listening.
  2. Listen to L/R
  3. Parts of Speech
  4. Fields of Study- learn the names of subjects you may study in the LA Program at HTIC or other American colleges.
  5. Prepare for the CP Program(Part 1)-Shohei and Taku talk about Class Style.
  6. Prepare for the CP Program(Part 2)-Takeru and Yukihiro talk about life around HTIC.
  7. Idioms
  8. Core 4 Final Presentations Fall 06
  9. Sports Day 06-Watch the video and relive all the fun.
  10. Nilo Playing Harmonica-Check out Danilo Marrone, instructor in the CP Program, play the blues on the Mississsippi Sax.
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Other Websites

There are many web sites on the internet that can help you learn English.