The CP English Project

How to Contribute Content

The CP English Project has grown since our last meeting. I have found many options available and all kinds of technology to help with our ambitious endeavor. We can make virtually any kind of online quiz including quizzes with images, sound, and maybe even video. We may also customize quizzes to provide different kinds of feedback and commentary. Anything is possible!


In addition to the quizzes based on the English High Frequency Word List, I invite all instructors and staff, CP, LA, or from other institutions, to contribute anything they deem appropriate for the site including scholarly articles, materials, links to other sites, recorded lectures, audio, video, or anything else that would be helpful to students and the community.

The Easy Way

You can simply send  me a file of any standard format.  Microsoft  Word is okay.  Online Quizzes can be designed for:
Multiple-choice quizzes may have any number of choices up to 4.  Quizzes may have any number of questions but for our Word Lists we decided on 25.  I would again like to remind everyone that other content besides quizzes is okay and encouraged.

The Other Way

You can make the webpage yourself and I will post it on the web for you.  There are several ways to make webpages ranging from rather everyday software such as Microsoft Word to more sophisticated applications. To make online quizzes check out the following sites:
Whether you use the easy way or the other way, please send your content to

I would like to thank everyone for your contributions and comments regarding this site.

Nick Delzotto
College Preparatory Program Coordinator