The CP English Project

For Students

Hello students. My name is Nick Delzotto, the CP Program Coordinator, and welcome to The CP English Project. This web site will help you study 1000 very common words in English. Please follow each step and take the online practice quizzes. When you arrive at Hawaii Tokai International College, you will take a test to see how many words you have learned. This test will be used to help decide your English level and placement into our program. You will also:

  1. take the TOEFL
  2. write an essay
  3. and be interviewed

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For Teachers

Greetings colleagues. This site is designed as a self-study for students preparing to enter the College Preparatory Program at Hawaii Tokai International College. The CP Faculty has designed online quizzes based on an English High Frequency Word List and other English basics. Because many of the high frequency words are items such as prepositions, articles, and forms of the "be" verb, we believe this is an ideal and efficient way to master both vocabulary and grammar.


This site also includes activities on other sites approved by the CP Faculty that we believe will provide students with additional practice in English and prepare them for our program.


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Special Thanks to Virginia Budd, Danilo Marrone, Mark Anthony, Cliff Uejo, and Grant Agawa.